Sunday, October 6, 2013

Predictions for Libra 2013

Libra is the sign of relationship, balance and harmony. But don't be fooled into thinking Libra is soft. It's also the sign of strategy, known enemies and obligations to others. Libra is like the General on top of the hill, giving the troops an inspiring speech and then sending them off to war. The scales of Libra swing back and forth from both wanting to be independent to wanting to be in a partnership. Ultimately though Libra needs to remember that to be in a really equal partnership you have to find another General to relate with. Here are the predictions for Libras, for the coming year, birthday to birthday. 

This is a year when you're focused on your finances. You have great career opportunities this year. Your business is expanding. Your position at work is improving. Your employers are happy with your work. The question this year is how to translate all that good energy into more cash in your pocket.

The reason we study Astrology is so we know what's coming and can adjust our behavior accordingly. This year you must speak up to get people top notice your worth and that will directly relate to how much money you receive. Have a vision of what you want, choose your time and then be bold and ask for the raise, the contract, the sale. There's a lot of energy and movement in your career in October, May and July

It's time to let go of excess clutter both externally and internally. Consider that clutter clogs the energetic pipes of the Universe and if you open things up the positive energy will flow in. Clean out the garage, the cupboards and closets. Also clear clutter internally by looking at emotional blocks, cleaning up your diet or by thinking more positively.

There are changes at home. You will either be renovating and redecorating or you will move. Selling your home will require some preparation and you will find that the first couple of offers may be lower than you want. But ultimately a compromise can be reached that makes all parties happy.

With regard to relationships there are some surprises this year. You may find yourself attracted to someone you didn't expect. This can be wonderful or it can be awkward if you're already in a relationship. Remember to look before you leap.

You also need to spend a little time (and perhaps money) on your health and appearance this year. Invest in yourself and you will be very happy with the results. It's a good year to get a personal trainer, have cosmetic procedures and get a new wardrobe.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Predictions for Virgo 2013

The gym was absolutely packed today, a sign that we are now in the time of Virgo, the sign of health. Virgo is not an easy sign to be born under. Virgos often spend their lives in service to others. They are always seeking to make things better and wishing they could have things perfect. They have a calm, soothing presence, an affection for animals and an eye for detail. Here are the predictions for those of you born under the sign of Virgo from this birthday until your next birthday.

After several hard years and lots of challenges you come to a year where you receive rewards for your efforts. This is a year when you wield some power and other people come to you with generous offers of support and financial benefits. Business partnerships flourish and business connections payoff. Money that was owed to you is suddenly returned. Be ready to grab that money when it comes to you.

You gain much of your benefit this year by demanding what is due to you. Being silent won't serve you. When you speak out for yourself you receive more than you expect. This will be true in legal matters as well as business matters. Read contracts carefully, the other party will happily to make changes to please you, as long as you ask.

If you're in the existing relationship this year, your partner may say that you're changing. In this case change is for the best. Your relationship will actually grow stronger as you claim more of your power and express your opinion. Be cautious about your tone, however, and remain diplomatic. This way you can win over the hearts and minds of the entire family.

If you're looking for new love you may find it while on the road. Consider a singles cruise or visit a place you've never been before (even if it's a new restaurant in town). Also be open to the possibilities that your new relationship is a long-distance one. Expand your search to the world and you will have more than one love opportunity to choose from.

The challenge this year is work. You may be saddled with a difficult boss who's being unreasonable or you may be handed much more responsibility without the increase in pay to match it. Wait a few months and build your case for increasing your paycheck. Once you show them how good a job you're doing they will bump your salary up.

Healthwise your challenge this year is to give up a bad habit. Whether that habit is smoking, sugar, or just too much worry, it's not helping your health nor bringing you happiness. You may find it necessary to substitute a good habit for the bad one or it may take a few tries to really kick the habit but this is the year you will give up that bad habit for good.

Virgo rarely gets a break. When a good chart comes along you really want to seize the moment. I suggest you create a vision board (a bulletin board of pictures representing what you want) or write out a list of your goals and display them on the bathroom mirror. You want to be reminded of what you want every day so you recognize the opportunities when they come. Even though there will be some challenges this year the good outweighs the bad and you will find more than one thing to celebrate by your next birthday.

Predictions for Leo 2013

Happy are those born under the sign of Leo the lion for Leo's are resourceful, creative and and adept at most anything they try. Leo's are often the center of attention whether they want to be or not. They have many friends, talents and they're willing to take risks. But watch out for the Leo who is feeling insecure, they can roar very loudly. Here the predictions for those born under the sign of Leo from this birthday until your next birthday.

This is a learning and growth year. This year you will have opportunities to expand your knowledge and sphere of influence. If you're thinking about going back to school, you will find the means. If you're thinking about teaching, lecturing, or writing a book, you will find your audience. Every time you step out into the world, you will find people who want to know you and support you.

Your challenge this year is to rid yourself of a nagging habit or negative behavior that you've been meaning to let go of for years. This is the year to shake it off. This habit keeps holding you back and you know it. In the past you've been reticent about letting it go, thinking it benefits you in some way. But the habit, and the negative thinking that goes with it, are dragging you down.

You show a lot of protection and benefit around money and finances this year. Investments will increase especially as you diversify, and you show luck with real estate. You also show the potential for raise or bonus at work but you will have to ask for it (or even demand it). Additional income may come from another source, so keep your eyes open.

Relationships looks stable. Your current relationships will continue as they have been, with few ups and downs. On the other hand if you're looking for a new relationship you need to start looking in a new place. Follow your intuition and your interests and get out of the house. There will be lots of worthy prospects especially around the holidays. Also note, fertility energy around your sign is high right now. You show luck and ability around adding to your family.

There's lots of energy around travel and vacations this year. And honestly it looks like you're overdue for one. Besides visiting family there is also energy pointing toward a vacation to a sunny, fun destination. On the other hand, your vehicle may need some TLC. Watch for leaking fluids and get them checked out immediately.

Lots of people around you are having a challenging time. This can cause you to feel like you're pulled in several directions and out of loyalty you may feel uncertain about which direction to take. It's important to stay firmly focused on your goals. Don't let the opinions (or fears) of others control your life.

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Predictions for Cancer 2013

Cancer is the sign of home, family, and patriotism so it's very appropriate that we celebrate the birth of our nation during the sign of Cancer. Cancer is symbolized by the crab and the crab's unique attributes. A crab carries his home with him in the form of the shell so we see Cancer natives can make a home anywhere. The crab has long strong pinchers, and we see Cancer natives grasping and holding on to things (and people) very tightly. And when crabs walk they walk sideways, so we see Cancer natives as often being overly cautious, nurturing, sensitive and sometimes moody. Here are my predictions for those Cancers out there from your birthday to your next birthday.

This is a relationship year. And this includes all forms of relationship, including romantic, maternal/paternal, and business partnerships.

There are opportunities for romance. If you're looking for love you can meet several very eligible prospects. There will be opportunities for attending social gatherings, parties, weddings, and festivals. The more events you attend the more love opportunities you will meet.

If you're already in a relationship you can enhance your relationship this year by adding in some fun. You've been working very hard to last few years and your schedule's been very tight. It's time to scheduling some fun. By sharing some new activities with your partner will find the two of you getting closer and closer.

Pregnancy is a possibility this year. Even if you've been trying for a while, this year you can have success. It may be that the timing is just right now or you find the correct treatments or, on an emotional and spiritual level, the two of you just realized you're ready and everything just falls into place.

Financially there is some good news and some challenges. Income derived from career shows a lot of protection around it. A little protection is good but a lot of protection can mean that income becomes unstable (followed by a quick restoration of income -- that's the protection). So you may find yourself changing jobs this year with no time off in between.

There is a lot of positive energy around investing in your own business or a family business. Calculated risks with your money this year can pay off big time. Just make sure to diversify. Your investments for generating passive income are also growing steadily this year. Dividend stocks and bonds are growing slowly but consistently.

This is a difficult year to sue somebody. Lawsuits will have to be very carefully monitored to have a positive outcome. And if you are sued don't try to handle the case yourself, but find a good lawyer to help you out.

And finally, on a positive note, you'll be recognized for some work or achievement this year. So this is a good year to spend time on projects that are close your heart. Do what you love and the recognition will follow.

Predictions for Gemini 2013

Gemini is the sign of communication and information and so it's not surprising that Geminis tend to be the best informed among us. You've probably heard that Gemini is the sign of the twins. This gives Gemini their ability to multitask. Geminis are the only signs that can truly do two things at once or hold two different thoughts in their heads at the same time. Here are my predictions for those Geminis out there from your birthday to your next birthday. 

This is an education year. This is a year when you will be learning some new skills, perhaps going back to school or trying out some of the amazing classes online. You may also find yourself teaching a class or having to speak to a group. But no worries, you'll be very prepared and well received.

This year you're tightening your financial ship. You will finally find a budget and a financial plan that works for you and by the end of the year you will be very pleased with the results. There could be an increase in salary this year and you are funneling it right into your savings goals.

One of your financial goals could be connected to travel and vacations. There are several opportunities for trips this year. You may be traveling for business too but will still have some time to take in the sights or grab a couple of days at the spa.

If you're looking for a new job there's some happy news this year. There will be several opportunities for you this Summer. If you're wanting to start your own business you can however be mindful of your daily schedule so you don't get distracted by tasks that really don't lead to money.

Romantic prospects are good this year though there's the occasional fireworks. Remember it's better to be happy than right. If you're looking for love consider searching in some new places like financial seminars, health expos and art shows.

The caution this year is about litigation. Be aware that if trouble stirs you can protect yourself by taking quick and thoughtful action (with a good attorney). Don't try to sweep problems under the rug. Trouble will be back to trip you up if you do. On the other hand if you decide to pursue legal action yourself you will most likely win and receive monetary compensation in the end. 

Predictions for Taurus 2013

Spring is really here and flowers are everywhere. It's the time of Taurus. The sign of Taurus embodies our desire to establish and maintain comfort, stability and most of all, prosperity. Those born under the sign of Taurus have the talent of creating a secure and stable life. They are sensible, practical and relaxed even though at times they are stubborn and resistant to change. Here are my predictions for Taurus from birthday to birthday.

This is a year when Taurus is transitioning towards their goals. If you're a Taurus native you will only be somewhat happy to hear this. Taurus is goal oriented and wants a clear path to the good life but you also don't like a lot of change. This year, however, change is the recipe for success. Consider if you changed jobs, moved, expanded your business or went back to school and if any of these changes would propel you faster towards your goals. If you don't want to make big changes then make small ones. Change your workout, change your work hours, change your diet, change your hair. Small changes will also help you move briskly towards your goals.

Your finances become more stable. While it's not perfectly smooth sailing everyday, overall you will find your financial picture improves this year. You will need to review your bills (are you paying too much for services?), look at your investments (is your current adviser really right for you?), and actively remove any psychological blocks to having more money (is it okay to make more than your spouse?). By the end of 2013 you will have more in your accounts and by Spring 2014 you will see more money coming in from several directions. 

Your vehicle needs your attention. Because this is a transition year you need to consider the literal concept of transportation. Perhaps you need a new car, perhaps you want to trade up to sometime more luxurious, or perhaps you're ditching the car for a motorcycle. Whichever you choose find something different to convey you from point A to point B.

Your love life is stable. There's not much change here for those of you in established relationships. Things seem to be humming along without too many surprises or irritants. If you're looking for love you need to vary your methods to stir up the energy otherwise you may be looking and not finding. If you're trying online dating why not switch to meetup groups, and if you are social and still not meeting perhaps a matchmaker is the ticket.

And finally, this year have some fun. Find a new hobby or social activity and spend some quality time with friends. You will benefit from your down time as it will renew your body, mind and spirit. 

Predictions for Aries 2013

Happy belated Birthday Aries. I'm back from my book tour and find I've missed half the Aries birthdays out there. Aries is an impatient sign, always wanting to move forward quickly and not be held back by anything. Aries is the first sign (up until about 150 B.C. the new year used to start on the first day of Spring/Aries) so Aries is always the first to arrive and the the first to leave. They are pioneers, innovative and headstrong. Here are the predictions for Aries from birthday to birthday. 

This year the focus is on money. There will be many opportunities coming that will bring you profit. There will also be many opportunities to spend that profit. Keeping track of your money will be important this year if you want to spend less than you make. Earnings will be tied to your sense of self-worth. Value what you do and others will too.

Relationships are intense this year. You may be struggling to figure out why you're holding on to someone who's not making you happy whether they be a personal or business partnership. Those who are currently single will find that ending as well as new, lasting relationships can begin this year.

While you are lucky in money this year you are not lucky in lawsuits. Be careful with contracts and try to settle things by mediation. If you do find yourself in a legal situation buckle down and learn all that you can about it. Leaving it all to the lawyers will just make you poorer.

Your career is improving this year. Talents and abilities you have are recognized and you may get both a promotion and a raise. If you own your own business you show a lot of new customers. Focus on free promotions and grass-roots marketing and avoid signing up for expensive marketing campaigns.

The challenge this year is to get out of your own way. Think about your beliefs regarding money and success and think whether the beliefs you hold are still valid and true. Replace outdated ones with concepts that support prosperity. It's an abundant world, no matter how much we hear that things are scarce, there is plenty for all.